Correlations Everywhere

Once we have grasped what correlation means, we see that correlations are everywhere among us:

  1. The age of a second-hand car and its value (negative)
  2. The mileage on a car and its value (negative)
  3. The age of a car and its mileage (positive)
  4. Sons’ height and fathers’ height (positive)
  5. Size of a house and its selling price (positive)
  6. Ages of boyfriends and girlfriends (positive)
  7. Wheat yield and rainfall (positive)
  8. Speed limit and time to reach destination (negative)
  9. Hours in the sun and severity of sunburn (positive)
  10. Income and education (positive)
  11. Etc.

Correlations are key to understand how the world works. And how to act.